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Cancer Insurance

Financial Support To Focus on the Fight

While it’s difficult to be emotionally prepared for the ups and downs experienced during a cancer diagnosis, you can be financially prepared for the costs of treatment. Cancer insurance provides you with funds that can be used flexibly, including to help cover both medical and nonmedical expenses that occur during your journey to recovery. 


These funds can be used to pay for household expenses that may be more difficult to manage while you’re sick. We here at SFL Mobile hopes that this extra financial support allows you to focus more fully on yourself and your health.


Cancer insurance from your employer may offer:

  • Lump-sum payments you can use as you wish

  • An annual health screening benefit (see your certificate for details)1

  • Paid benefits for initial diagnosis and if cancer returns2

  • Guaranteed acceptance provided you are actively employed when you apply3

  • Easy claims processing and convenient payroll deduction

  • Portable coverage should you leave your current employer4

For complete plan details, talk to your company’s benefits administrator.

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