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Practice & Experience

WE make preparing and filing your taxes easy for W-2, Sole proprietor, or small business. It’s simple–we provide all the financial guidance you need, and your maximum tax refund is guaranteed. We are trustworthy & knowledgeable tax & financial coach with a solution to fix any and all financial issues.​

We help individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to save money, lower their tax liabilities and maximize their refunds. By applying tax breaks available under the tax laws to take control of their economy."

Experienced Advisors

SFL Mobile Tax & Financial Resolution started as a need for financial education. During college, my parents received an audit letter from IRS for an enormous balance that left the family financially devastated. From there I made it my obligations to learn taxes and financials to help my family and the community.



Ability to Stay

One Step Ahead

The truth is millions of Americans overpay on their taxes each year, because of annual tax code changes & No Tax Planning. Over the last 5 years, SFL Mobile Tax has helped individuals and business owners save thousands of dollars each year with a personalized TAX PLAN. 

Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

Did you know that over half of retirees end up retiring without any retirement funds? Understanding your options now helps optimize your tax situation in your later years. Your tax liability in retirement depends on your taxable income in retirement. 


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